4 Benefits Of Naturopathic Infertility Treatment

Naturopathy is an alternative form of natural medicine that utilises a wide range of natural therapies. These include herbalism, homeopathy, lifestyle therapy, nutritional approaches and supplements. It favours an approach that aims at non-insidious treatments and reduces or eliminates the need for the use of surgical methods or antibiotics.

We treat all health problems at our Perth clinic, but infertility is perhaps the most common thing we deal with on a daily basis. Please visit our fertility page for more information on our approach.

Naturopathic philosophy is based on the concept that the body has an ability to heal itself through an internal energy that is a reflection of the overall self-regulation of the body. In this way it supports the processes of the body rather than trying to counter them. Fertility, especially in cases of “unexplained infertility” is dependent on overall health and the integration of all key aspects of the body processes. Our treatment, in this way, has many benefits beyond just enhancing fertility.

Naturopathy is not against the use of vaccines, drugs and orthodox diagnosis where appropriate. But it promotes an alternative holistic approach to heal most forms of ailment. Female and male infertility are among the problems that can be treated with Naturopathy, as it aims to rectify nutritional deficiencies, enhance reproductive health and correct hormonal imbalance.

Herbal and homeopathic medicines, because of their limited side effects, find a special application in infertility treatments. The chance of pregnancy is greatly increased, and the experience at our clinic shows the result in many successful conceptions. Our success rate of conceptions is close to 90% in women and couples who give us six months. This involves visits at one month intervals to assess changes in the menstrual cycle and overall health

Here are few benefits of choosing naturopathy in Perth for curing infertility.

It’s More Cost-effective Than Conventional  Infertility Treatments

Surgical methods can be very expensive and still leave you with complications, in spite of benefiting the fertility status. Depending on the  the severity of the condition, the cost incurred on naturopathic treatment can vary, but it is still a much better and cheaper alternative than conventional medication or IVF.

The main advantage lies in the fact that you don’t have to keep taking medicines to negate the effects of naturopathy, as in case with the surgical methods and drugs. Moreover, it also heals certain important impairments in your body with rarely any form of side effect.

Safe to Use, Especially if Pregnancy Ensues

No toxic substances are used during treatment by Naturopathy. This is not the case with surgery and drugs, which can have numerous side effects on the patient as well as the potential or developing child. For instance, the medication employed for stimulation of ovary can go to the extent of over-exciting them, resulting in swelling and severe pain. Similarly many other chemical drugs can incite ailments that may require another form of treatment. So in order to treat one you impair the function of another. This is certainly not the case with natural modalities utilised by naturopathy.

Improvement in Overall Physical Condition

Natural treatment for infertility also results in enhancing the overall strength and physical condition of the body. This is because naturopathy is based on the self-healing ability of the body, and is combined  together with proper lifestyle counselling, The conception rate increases and also intensifies the chances of healthy pregnancy.

This is because a healthy diet and herbal and homeopathic medications keep the body toned. The immune system functions properly and there is a balanced level of hormones, proper digestion and a refreshed mood. Conventional medicines on the other hand can make you feel drowsy, with a reduced appetite and impaired digestion. The worst thing that can happen is stomach inflammation and digestive problems.

The solution is Long-lasting

Not only does naturopathy assist infertility, but it also ensures a healthy state before, during and after the pregnancy. As well, our clinic offers breastfeeding support and both prenatal and antenatal support with naturopathy and homeopathy.  Homeopathic remedies can offer support for the birth and help the mother and baby recover. These  natural techniques that can guarantee safety and increased health for both the child and the mother.

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