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Natural Hay Fever, Rhinitis & Sinusitis Treatment

Perth has one of the highest spring-summer pollen counts of any city in the world. Because of this we have extensive experience in treating hay fever, rhinitis and sinusitis with naturopathic and other natural approaches at our Perth clinic. Homeopathy is especially effective in its treatment and usually gives immediate results. We combine that with naturopathic dietary and lifestyle principles.  In time we can give lasting results, and often treatment for one season can eradicate the recurring tendency.

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Hay Fever & Rhinitis: the Acute & Chronic Aspects

Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is a chronic condition with acute outbreaks. These episodes may be constant or recur annually. It is based on an allergy, usually to inhaled substances, although it is often contributed to by food sensitivities. These inhaled substances may be pollen, but also sensitivity to house dust and animal hair may be responsible for the rhinitis.

If one specific allergen is known, we can prescribe a desensitisation procedure. We can use a small sample of pollen or animal hair provided by the patient to make up a remedy that can desensitise the patient to that specific patient or pet. This is very successful when combined with the constitutional and acute treatment. We discuss this further below.

Hay Fever & Sinusitis: the Homeopathic Treatment Approach

hay fever naturopath Perth | Hay fever homeopath Perth
Homeopathy usually works immediately to remedy the symptoms of rhinitis and hay fever, when accurately prescribed. Naturopathic and homeopathic treatment focuses on management of the underlying problem, while providing effective relief of symptoms through medicines that deal with the acute layer.

Sinusitis may be a complication of rhinitis or secondary to an upper respiratory tract infection or a cold. Here homeopathy, combined with naturopathic strategies, also deals quickly with the inflammation while treating any underlying infection. It also helps to prevent recurrence by boosting the body’s immune response.

Many different medicines are used, depending on the exact symptom picture in hay fever. Where sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes is the main feature, remedies that cover that pattern of symptoms would be chosen. Itchy skin, ears, eyes and throat may require completely different remedies. The indicated homeopathic provides instant relief of symptoms; but in the meantime the specific constitutional medicine begins the process of healing on a deeper level.

This 2009 study looked at individual homeopathic treatment in patients with hay fever.  Results revealed that the average patient-assessed level of symptom severity had fallen significantly. 4% of patients were cured, 44% were much better, 25% were better, 4% slightly better

Hay Fever: the Constitutional & Miasmic Level

hay fever naturopath Perth | hay fever homeopath PerthHay fever is not just an acute problem. It has its basis in a hereditary weakness that we call a miasm in homeopathy. To treat a miasm a constitutional medicine must be chosen by an experienced homeopath.

This medicine takes account of subtle imbalances in the whole pattern of health in the patient on the mental, emotional and physical level, their past history and also their family history. It begins to treat the underlying sensitivity and in time may permanently improve or completely eliminate the problem.

Specific anti-miasmic remedies known as nosodes may also be chosen to aid the constitutional prescription. These are individually prescribed to the patient’s pattern of susceptibility.

Homeopathic Allergy Desensitising for Hay Fever

Where considered necessary, homeopathic desensitising can also be applied to reduce the sensitivity to specific allergens. This is particularly effective where house dust mite is causing the allergy. In the experience of this clinic, it is also a good diagnostic tool. Symptomatic relief achieved by giving a potency of house dust in homeopathic form confirms that house dust sensitivity is the problem in that specific case.

In conjunction with constitutional homeopathic treatment, desensitising can also be done for the hair of any animal, such as horses, cats, dogs and guinea pigs and the feathers of birds. Patients are asked to bring in a sample of their pet’s hair and a specific desensitising homeopathic may then be prepared individually.

Hay Fever: the Naturopathic Approach

Naturopathic principles are important in the treatment of any allergy. A healthy diet and lifestyle and effective stress management will often keep patients below the threshold where their symptoms manifest. There are also specific foods that help with allergies and hay fever in particular.

Wheat and dairy allergies also underlie many cases of hay fever. Sensitivity to grass pollen in particular means the patient may have a problem with wheat, which is also a grass. Itchy symptoms accompanying the rhinitis are a common giveaway here. However, in this clinic we attempt to fix the underlying sensitivities with treatment, rather than just get the patient to avoid the food. As their whole system improves, the cause of that allergy is addressed along with everything else in their symptom picture.

Sinusitis and Sinus Infection

hay fever naturopath Perth | hay fever homeopath PerthInflammation in the sinuses may lead to sinusitis and sinus infection. A thick purulent discharge can result, with pain and pressure in the maxillary, frontal or ethmoid sinuses; this is respectively below the eyes, above the eyes or behind the bridge of the nose. Here homeopathy also excels when properly chosen remedies are prescribed to the exact symptom picture.

At this Perth clinic a range of remedies may be prescribed, depending on their specific indications and the constitutional picture of the patient. When accurately prescribed, we usually find the relief is much quicker than with antibiotics.

Where the condition is chronic and recurring, however, constitutional and anti-miasmic treatment is also commenced to begin to deal with the underlying problem.