Conditions Treated

Mental & Emotional Health Treatment

Homeopathy excels in the treatment of mental and emotional disorders and is able to help a wide spectrum of psychological problems and illness. In combination with naturopathic principles and dietary and lifestyle changes applied at this Perth clinic , the indicated homeopathic remedy often brings about profound changes in the well-being of the person on all levels of their being: mental, emotional and physical.

The holistic principle – treatment of the patient as a whole – has always been the guiding tenet of naturopathic and homeopathic philosophy. In homeopathy, the mental and emotional health of the patient, their psychology, contains the most important set of symptoms that guide the choice of medicine for that patient, even if their main complaint is physical.

In homeopathic understanding, all the symptoms reflect the whole. The symptoms of the mind reveal the core of that person; and when there is any disturbance to health, the life force always attempts to protect the mental and emotional level of that person by throwing out symptoms, like eczema, on the physical plane – in itself a healthy response.

The things that disturb health are firstly our inherited weaknesses, secondly our life experiences, thirdly our indiscretions in diet and lifestyle, and lastly any attempt to suppress the body’s response with drugs.

If symptoms remain on the physical level, that is the best scenario, short of absence of all symptoms. However, sometimes the trauma of life, whether it is physical trauma or emotional shock, is too great for the life force to limit to the physical, and illness manifests primarily on the mental and emotional plane.

Homeopathy recognises that grief, shock, financial pressures, humiliation, relationship and family conflicts, loss of a job or a relationship can have a profound effect on the health of the individual. Even the emotional wound of a difficult birth is responsible for many mental and behavioural problems, particularly in children. There are homeopathic medicines for complaints that result from each of these stressful life experiences.

Where the life force is not able to recover, the symptoms may then remain stuck on the mental and emotional plane. Homeopathic treatment is able to remove these traumas and heal these wounds, and in this way, true health is restored to the person, on the most important level of all: the mind.

Memory Disorders

Homeopathy treats a range of memory problems ranging from simple forgetfulness to the early stages of dementia. In cases of simple forgetfulness, a constitutional medicine based on the patients basic temperament and range of symptoms is enough.

Please note that in all cases of serious mental illness where the patient is a danger to themselves or others, this clinic insists that the patient has seen a GP first and is following their advice before complementary treatment is commenced, and no attempt made to reduce medication without the physician monitoring and approving those changes.

Homeopathy and the Meaning of Life

At the heart of many mental and emotional difficulties and psychological problems is the sense of a lack of purpose in life, or the lack of spiritual meaning. Two hundred years ago the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann wrote that the purpose of health – a state of mental, emotional and physical balance – was ultimately to pursue “the higher purpose of our existence”. The system he established helps the individual achieve a state of dynamic balance, which then assists them in their search for meaning and purpose in life.

In any case that is treated holistically by homeopathy, even when the patient presents for a purely physical complaint, a constitutional medicine is given, which helps the patient achieve that balance on all levels. They come back not only with their physical complaints improved, but also with sense of increased mental and physical energy and sometimes a profound shift of perspective and a more positive outlook on life. Many times I have heard patient’s spontaneously refer to their remedies as “happy drops”.

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