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Natural Treatment for Cold, Flu & Viruses

Homeopathy has effective natural treatments for acute viral conditions like colds and influenza (flu). As with naturopathy, it works by aiding the body’s defences.  It is holistic and is therefore not limited by whether the infecting agent is a bacteria or a virus. In these ways it is differs from conventional medicine. We integrate both approaches at our Perth clinic

Colds & Influenza: The Homeopathic Approach

As always, homeopathy and naturopathic treatment at our clinic is individual. It is based on the exact symptom picture of the disease in that patient. For example, colds and flu that starts with sneezing, watery eyes and runny nose will need a homeopathic remedy that cover those specific symptoms.

Those that start with fever and chills and are of sudden onset may respond to a completely different group of medicines.  We  use naturopathic principles and sometimes herbal treatments to support the medicine’s action.

Homeopathic remedies work by strengthening the body’s own response to the virus. They are not drugs; and unlike drugs they do not attempt to target the virus of colds or flu itself. That is why they need to be individually prescribed.

The beauty is that the body learns from the experience. In the process, the immune system is strengthened, and next time around it is better able to respond to similar viruses. At this Perth clinic we attempt to educate you in what treatments you can use at home as first aid to prevent more serious complications and secondary infections.

The difference between colds and Influenza

Like colds, influenza is caused by a virus. Flu however is usually more serious, and affects the whole body. Fevers and chills are usual. Often there are muscle aches and pains, and even pains that appear to affect the bones.

There may be headaches and sore throats, runny nose, cough, lethargy nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Pneumonia and bronchitis could be a possible complication. Here, depending on the exact symptom picture, many homeopathic medicines may cover each of these symptoms. But the one chosen for you will suit your own unique pattern.

History of Homeopathy in Influenza Epidemics

We hear a lot these days about swine flu and bird flu. There is concern because authorities remember the disastrous influenza epidemic of 1918/1919. More than fifty million people worldwide were killed. This was far more than in the Great War of 1914-18.

Homeopathy was extensively used to treat that epidemic in America.

It was reported in The Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy , May, 1921, that of 24,000 cases of flu treated by orthodox medicine there was a mortality rate of 28.2- while 26,000 cases of flu treated by homeopathic doctors had a mortality rate of only 1.05-. This was a stunning result for homeopathy.

These doctors reported that a small number of remedies served in most cases. So far the symptoms of swine flu appear quite similar to that of 1918, although not so sudden in onset, and nowhere near as severe. As homeopaths we are quietly confident that our skills and knowledge will serve us as well in any future epidemic.

Homeopathy is able to treat the acute symptoms of colds and flu’s, often “nipping them in the bud”. But more importantly we are able to strengthen the patient as a whole and improve their immune response. People who consistently get sick every winter need “constitutional” treatment, as we call it. This means we can not only treat outbreaks of illness but also improve the susceptibility of that person to any further exposure to similar viruses of colds or influenza.

Naturopathic Aid for Colds & Flus

As well as homeopathic treatment, at this Perth clinic naturopathic principles are applied: healthy lifestyle, diet and stress management. Certain foods can boost the body’s immune response in colds & flus, and in our Perth clinic we advise our patients accordingly. Once the cycle is broken and health is restored, these patients no longer catch everything they are exposed to.

Post-Viral Syndromes

Post-viral syndromes are increasingly common in the modern world. These often result in tiredness and exhaustion.. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME, as it is sometimes called) is a situation where continual lethargy, tiredness, muscle aches and pain, poor sleep patterns is often accompanied by depression and apathy.

Orthodox medicine has few solutions for these patients. But homeopathic treatment at this clinic, coupled with naturopathic principles does the following. It detoxifies the system, deals with any allergies or sensitivities, normalises the function of the immune system and improves the energy and mood. In time it often helps restore them to complete health, by aiding the body’s own natural recovery processes.

Where colds and flus are complicated are complicated by coughs we may give a separate remedy for the cough, as described on our coughs and bronchitis treatment page. Also see our page on the treatment of asthma.