Conditions Treated

Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment

cystitis naturopath Perth | cystitis homeopath PerthCystitis and other infections of the urinary tract are common conditions treated at this Perth naturopathic clinic. The special case of interstitial cystitis (IC), which is not an infection, is discussed at the bottom of this page.

Fifty percent of women and ten percent of men will have a UTI at some stage of their life. Especially in women the situation may become chronic and recurring. Homeopathy that is accurately prescribed to the symptom picture of the acute case of cystitis is usually able to resolve the infection without the need for antibiotics. More importantly, constitutional homeopathic treatment that addresses the whole person is able to begin treatment of the underlying weakness, restoring them to their natural state of health.

As always, homeopathy is prescribed individually to the case. This is the secret of its success. In taking the case we will enquire about the detail of the symptoms, such as frequency and urgency, the amount of urine passed and the colour and odour. Most importantly, the character of the pain is recorded (whether burning, stinging, etc.), where the pain is and whether it occurs before, during at the end or after urination. Such information allows us to choose the homeopathic remedy that is usually able to resolve the cystitis or other UTI at least as quickly as antibiotics.

However, we always tell our patient’s to seek a doctor’s advice and treatment if their case fails to resolve quickly. Medical treatment must always be sought in an emergency and used as a safety net.

Most urinary tract infections occur in the bladder and urethra. If the kidneys are involved the complications may be more serious and even life threatening. Where the patient has back pain, fever or nausea, for example, although we can give a remedy we will always recommend the patient seek immediate medical treatment. However, we can still treat and resolve the underlying tendency to kidney infections with constitutional homeopathy, provided these patients are also following medical advice.

cystitis naturopath Perth | cystitis homeopath PerthConstitutional homeopathic treatment involves the choice of the remedy for the patient as a whole. That is what an initial consultation is about. We do not just treat the main disease (in this case UTIs) or just the symptoms, but enquire about all other aspects of the person’s health: the function of their physical organ systems, their energy patterns, their menstrual cycle, their sleep and dreams, and most importantly, their emotional state and their response to stress. This is supported by naturopathic dietary and lifestyle advice, which is important to assess in cases of recurrent cystitis or urinary infections: a diet that is acidic will aggravate the problem. All of this allows us to treat the true cause of the problem, which is not just the E. coli bacteria in the urinary tract, but the reason why they are there.

In chronic cystitis we also often prescribe homeopathic remedies that work gently and gradually to tone the kidneys and mucous surfaces of the urinary tract. Some of these are borrowed from herbal medicine but we find them very effective in low homeopathic potency.As always, they are individually prescribed to the exact symptom picture.

In this way it is the combination of remedies for the acute infection, the constitutional treatment, the tonic remedies specific to the urinary system and the dietary and lifestyle guidelines that assure our success in resolving difficult and recurring UTI cases.

We are also able to treat the underlying tendency for kidney stones with homeopathy. Another area of kidney function that can be improved includes nocturia, or frequent waking to urinate at night. Most cases resolve and the majority of the rest improve. Fluid retention or oedema also responds well to homeopathy.

Interstitial Cystitis (IC) or Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS)

cystitis naturopath Perth | cystitis homeopath PerthInterstitial cystitis presents in a similar way to normal cystitis, but on investigation no bacteria is found, and it does not respond to antibiotics. Symptoms of frequency and urgency of urination occur together with pain in the bladder area above the pubic bone that is relieved by urination. Once again, women are mostly affected.

The term PBS is preferred by some, until cystoscopy (viewing of the bladder wall) confirms the inflammation, which can progress to ulceration and eventual scarring. The cause is unknown; but many patients who have interstitial cystitis also have other problems that don’t fit neatly in the medical box: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia and auto immune disorders like inflammatory bowel disease and SLE. Many also have multiple allergies and food sensitivities that can aggravate the problem.

As with any other chronic problem that baffles medical understanding and treatment, our holistic approach once again comes to the fore. By treating the patient as a whole with constitutional homeopathy, also taking into account inherited weaknesses, and by looking at dietary and lifestyle factors, and combining with remedies specific to improving the function of different organs, we can greatly improve many cases of interstitial cystitis and in time many are resolved.