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Natural Treatment for Babies & Infants

babies naturopath Perth | babies homeopath PerthAs prescribed at this Perth naturopathic clinic, we find that homeopathy is ideal for the treatment of babies and infants. Not only is it completely without risk, but it is also tasteless and low dose. Parents are often amazed at how quickly a young baby learns to open its mouth as soon as he or she sees the bottle.

All prescriptions are made individually after a private consultation. That is the beauty of homeopathic treatment: that it treats the person as a whole, to improve their health in general. All small and subtle things about the child’s behaviour are taken into account in the prescription. We believe that early homeopathic treatment sets the pattern for a healthy life, and also improves the health of subsequent generations.

Please see our separate page on the naturopathic and homeopathic treatment of children, which is more relevant to older kids.

Some of the conditions that homeopathy can treat in the newborn baby  and infant include:

babies naturopath Perth | babies homeopath PerthPlease note that in cases of serious or life-threatening complaints, parents are encouraged to seek a doctor’s advice or hospital admission if the child is not responding quickly to homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy is an ideal treatment for babies and infants because it stimulates the child’s immune system to work on the underlying problem.

Under the influence of a homeopathic medicine, it is the child’s life force itself that is doing the healing. The next time the infection or other complaint occurs, the body is better able to deal with the problem.

Homeopathy is very effective for the ear infections of children and babies. Studies have shown that those treated with these
remedies have fewer recurrences over a period of time than those treated with antibiotics. (See the page on treatment of ear  infections for references.) Furthermore, the use of antiobiotics suppresses the immune system and contributes to allergies and other sensitivity reactions, especially in children under one year of age.

Homeopathy is a real, effective alternative. It deals very quickly with the symptoms of fever and pain in ear infections, while it works effectively on the underlying problem.

As a result of antibiotics given early, our experience shows that a child is also more likely to get eczema, asthma and other problems as they get older. The use of steroids to treat these problems further compounds the problem

For any chronic problem in babies or young children, such as eczema or asthma, homeopathy and naturopathy does not suppress the symptoms; it works towards resolving the problem. In any case of atopic disease like this, the homeopath views the problem as the tip of the iceberg. Just suppressing the symptoms with cortisone weakens the system further. It is our belief, verified by experience, that this suppression results in more serious problems later in life.

For any chronic problem in children and babies, the approach of homeopathy is to treat the patient as a whole. A constitutional remedy is given to treat the patient on all levels, both emotionally and physically.