*Disclaimer: results may vary in each individual case of conditions mentioned in these testimonials. Homeopathy and naturopathy treat the patient, not the disease, so each case requires a fresh approach and skilful understanding.


Fibromyalgia – Sandy

*”Over the last two years I developed severe pain and sensitivity over a number of areas of my body. Initially it affected my feet, then my wrists, spine, and arms progressively over approx. 18 months.

I had visited numerous specialists and struggled to cope as the condition worsened and rendered me unable to do so many of the usual day to day things we all take for granted. It appeared that my body had become extremely sensitive to things that otherwise wouldn’t be painful at all, such as clothing and shoes in particular.

The specialists were puzzled, and it was generally agreed that I have Fibromyalgia. Given that there is so little known about this condition, it was a matter of trialing many, many drugs over that period and undergoing a year of tests after tests. All these specialists assisted greatly, however there was little that they could do to really get me back on track.

In September last year I went to see Michael to discuss my condition and to see if there was anything that he could do to assist me. He prescribed me some specific constitutional remedies, and after just two weeks I began to see improvement.

Even the slightest improvement made such an amazing difference to my life, and literally every step I take every day! My pain progressively decreased, until such a point where I was able to really begin to regain my life and happiness as I could now undertake activities I had had to give up, and be myself again finally without so much pain!

I am extremely grateful for the support and would encourage anyone who has sensory/fibromyalgia type symptoms to visit Michael. Its literally changed my life!”* – Sandy

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Fertility – Emily

*”Running our own company here in Perth and trying to conceive our first child and deal with the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” were all proving to be very stressful. Michael Blanch’s kind and compassionate nature had an immediate effect on my husband and I, and once understanding the holistic effect of his naturopathic treatment and the homeopathy, we knew we were in good hands. Having had no success for eighteen months, just three months into Michael’s treatment, to our complete shock we had conceived. We are now halfway through our journey towards meeting our bundle of joy – Michael is to thank for this!”* – Emily

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Eczema – Nicole

 *“My 7 year old daughter had eczema for over a year. Michael picked up that it had been there ever since her young cousin had died in an accident. She had also been very quiet and introverted since then and was always talking about her. After the homeopathic remedy there was an almost immediate improvement and the eczema cleared within a month. More surprising to me, after a few days she was a different child, much sunnier and happy and her grief seems to have finally resolved. It is a year since then and she is still in good spirits and no more eczema.”* – Nicole

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Bone fractures – Rob

*“I had a motorbike accident six years ago and had a shattered tibia that never healed properly. I work as a welder and am constantly down on my knees and haunches. I had been in agony for years, despite living on anti-inflammatories and painkillers. After seeing Michael, and taking the magic drops that I was pretty skeptical about at first, after a week I could feel an improvement and after three months…no more pain!”* – Rob

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Ear infections – Jennifer

*“My 5 year old son Caleb had constant ear infections from six months and numerous courses of antibiotics, which never seemed to help much. He was diagnosed with “glue ear” and I was told that he would need tubes in his eardrums. I was recommended to see Michael Blanch, who prescribed a remedy for his whole system…a “constitutional remedy” he called it. He said this would begin to strengthen his immunity and undo the effects of the antibiotics and from this I saw an almost immediate improvement in Caleb’s moods and energy. Michael also prescribed a remedy for ear infection, which I needed only once more, and the fever and pain were gone in a few hours. Another remedy was to clear the middle ear. I went back to the doctor a couple of months later and she said the ears were fine.”* – Jennifer

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Menopause – Suzanne

*”I was approaching menopause and was getting heavy, painful periods from fibroids, and lots of hot flushes. From Michael’s remedies the hot flushes were better right away and each period was better than the one before, until they were normal after four months. Also, the asthma that I had for twenty years improved, and now I hardly ever need to use my puffer.”* – Suzanne

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Anxiety – Cameron

*”I saw Michael because I had battled with anxiety and problems with my thoughts and low moods for many years, which had developed into full-on panic attacks in recent months. I had trouble going to shopping centres, and driving on freeways was a major problem. Drugs would help to a point, but I always felt lousy on them. I was impressed that from the first consultation Michael wanted to hear about exactly what I was thinking and about my whole life history and about any physical problems.

He explained that the medicine must suit me, not just the label of “anxiety” and because of that the right homeopathic remedy would not only help in the short term, but could probably get it to be a manageable level, if not only resolve it for good in time. Well, he was right…. I was better in three days and after six months we decided to see how I would go on my own. It has been eighteen months now since I saw him. He has just rung me to see how I am and I am pleased to report I am still feeling fine. More than that…he fixed my hay-fever too, with the same remedy!”* – Cameron

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Chronic Fatigue – Kirsty

*”I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome since having glandular fever in my early twenties and I am now in my mid thirties. I saw a naturopath who works with supplements and herbs. The medicines alone cost more than $300…and they did nothing. Michael prescribed me only two medicines costing less than $40: one to get the glandular fever out of my system and a constitutional remedy that fitted my pattern of symptoms. It is three months later now and my energy is back to normal.”* – Kirsty

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