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Candida, Thrush, Leucorrhoea and Vaginal Discharge Treatment Perth

Leucorrhoea is defined as a discharge of white, yellow or greenish mucus from the vagina in response to inflammation of the mucus surfaces of the reproductive tract.

Serious diseases such as gonorrhoea or malignancy need to be investigated and treated medically, but the commonest cause is candida albicans a yeast organism responsible for symptoms of thrush.

Candida and thrush respond well to treatment at this Perth naturopathic clinic. Individual homeopathy is prescribed, depending on the exact symptoms. This acute medicine for the candida itself is often given in conjunction with the constitutional remedy that covers all aspects of the patient, mentally, emotionally and physically. It can only be determined after a consultation. In this way all treatment is specific to the person and helps restore true health, and banish the problem for good.

Once again, all the factors that contribute to hormonal issues and oestrogen dominance must be addressed and treated. Naturopathic dietary and lifestyle factors also need to be considered: sugar and a poor diet will feed the problem. However, unlike other naturopathic approaches to candida, we do not find it necessary to put patients on very restrictive diets to heal the problem.

In natural medicine, it has been a fashion for about twenty-five years to attribute a host of health problems to systemic candida infection. As always, this clinic sees candida as a symptom, and not the ultimate cause. This cause always lies much deeper in the dynamic balance of health, reflected in all three levels: mental, emotional and physical. It is this level that homeopathy is suited to reach with its holistic approach.

Bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia and gardnerella are other causes of vaginal discharge, all with differences in symptoms, with chlamydia being a lead cause of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) and salpingitis, resulting in infertility.

Chlamydia, like gonorrhoea, needs to be diagnosed and treated medically, but most of the other causes of vaginal discharge like thrush or candida can be successfully treated at this Perth naturopathic clinic with homeopathic remedies and lifestyle changes.