Successful Cases of Natural Treatment of Acne

Acne is probably the most common presentation at our clinic. It is also one of the easiest issues conditions to treat with natural medicine. Acne responds to diet, nutrition and herbal medicine. But homeopathy is the most potent medicine because it works most deeply on the underlying hormone balance. Although full results take a little time, we find that at least ninety percent of cases show a satisfactory improvement within a month. Given a few months, and provided the patient adheres to a healthy lifestyle, the changes will be lasting.

Recent Acne Cases

Twenty-five year old Sarah came with acne that was worse before her period 

for a week, but on and off all month. She was also very irritable before her menses, with headaches. There were bad period pains that were cramping and bearing down. Acne presented as red and pustular, mainly on her face and chest. Her Uni timetable and part time work was stressing her out. She was feeling tired, worn out and apathetic. When she went to the gym and exercised she felt better. All these symptoms led to the homeopathic remedy Sepia as a constitutional, with Kali bromatum offering support as a tissue remedy.  After this regime, all symptoms improved within a month. The skin got better, but also the pre-menstrual symptoms, the headaches, period pains, energy and motivation. Four months’ treatment resolved the issues completely.

Juliet came as a 15 year old with bad acne,

that presented since puberty. Periods were irregular and too heavy, and came with a bad backache. The loss of blood left her weak and tired. She was growing rapidly and was suffering aches, pains and cramps from playing sport at school. The acne itself was very tender to touch and was all over the face, neck and back. The overall picture pointed to the remedy Calcarea phosphorica.  Hepar sulphuris was chosen as a support remedy. Not only did the acne improve and resolve on this treatment, but the periods also regulated and her energy and pains improved.

Tom was a nineteen year old with cystic acne.

The lesions were large and pussy. He couldn’t resist squeezing them but they discharged easily. He also had a tendency to seborrhoeic dermatitis on his scalp, with yellowish scabs. Whenever he had a cut or a wound it was slow to heal. His mother who came with him said he always grumbled and was negative and feeling hard done by.  He felt that others never understood or appreciated him. These things all pointed to the remedy Calcarea sulphurica. We find this remedy more frequently indicated in males, Calc. phos. in females. It quickly resolved the acne, the dermatitis and the wound healing. His mother said his mood also greatly improved.

Nadine was a thirty year old woman with acne that was scarring. 

It was worse before the period. The pimples were usually blind and rarely came to a head. She was a slightly built woman who felt the cold excessively. Her blonde hair was fine and was thinning. She had weak fingernails that split easily, with white spots. She was fairly reserved, anxious and timid by nature. The remedy Silicea, supported by Folliculinum to balance the hormones, quickly resolved her acne and hormonal and tissue problems. After a few months, treatment greatly reduced the scarring, which is no longer noticeable. Flouricum acidum aided this process in the later stages.

Homeopathy for Acne

The above cases outline how homeopathic remedies are prescribed for acne. The symptoms of the whole patient determine the remedy choice. They must be individual to the patient. Not only must the remedy be specific, but another thing to consider is the potency, the repetition and the duration of treatment. Also, over time. as some aspects of the case improve and the balance of symptoms change, so should the choice of remedy. These aspects need the assistance of a skilled homeopath.

Herbal Medicine for Acne

At our Perth naturopathic clinic we may use herbal remedies to support the homeopathic treatment. They work on a physical and less holistic level but can sometimes be useful. Herbal medicines like Vitex, Cleavers, Sarsaparilla and Berberis aquifolium are indicated for acne. Other herbs that work more directly on the female hormonal system can be useful, such a Dong quai, Black cohosh and Paeonia, where indicated.

Nutrition, Diet, Vitamins and Minerals for Acne

Whereas homeopathy is our focal therapy in most cases of acne, no case will improve permanently without attention to diet. There are certain nutritional factors that definitely impact on the hormonal issues underlying acne.

The first thing to consider is blood sugar regulation. Excess sugar is the worst thing for acne. It promotes inflammation and increases insulin resistance. A lower carbohydrate diet in general, but especially a low refined carbohydrate diet, will be the focus. A higher relative protein and good fat emphasis will help balance blood sugar levels and reduce sweet cravings.

Two food categories need to be reduced and in some cases eliminated. These are wheat (sometimes including all gluten) and dairy products. The hormonal factors in dairy are not good for acne. Gluten makes your gut more permeable, sensitising your immune sytem and causing inflammation. It also causes insulin to surge, which results in increase of male hormones, thereby triggering excess sebum production.

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