Do You Know The Reasons Behind A Thrush Onset?

Irritation on skin, itching and a creamy smelly discharge are usually considered signs indicating that you have thrush. However, it is important to remember that there are many sexual infections that have same sort of symptoms. Therefore, one should always look for a professional diagnosis from a doctor or a sexual health medical centre, but the treatment of thrush is one of the things we specialise in at Cottesloe naturopathic clinic.

As a part of body that is highly exposed to the external world, and is positioned perilously close to the urethra and anus, the vagina is on constant danger of infection. There are several natural barriers, like protective mucous, that are there to protect you. The mucous discharge is considered to be unhealthy and points to a thrush infection when it becomes offensively smelly, sticky, thick and cheesy with accompanying itchiness. Following information will help you understand the possible reasons that can lead to the development of thrush, also known as Candida.


Antibiotics are considered to be the best medication for wiping out disease that is producing bacteria. However, what you should also know is that it also destroys good bacteria as well. Therefore, if you have been asked to take antibiotics, you must take a course of probiotics as well during and after you have the completed the due course of antibiotics.

Taking contraceptive pills

Oral contraceptives are known for increasing the vaginal glycogen stores. This means that there will be more sugar present for the thrush bug to live on. If you feel recurring thrush while you take contraceptive pill, you must modify your diet and keep the yeast and sugar intake to a minimal level.


The hormone levels soar during pregnancy. The microbiology of vagina changes making it a lot easier for the thrush to develop and take hold on the body. If you are experiencing this sort of issue, you must not hesitate in consulting a doctor and avoid doing self-medication or diet changes because this would have a direct impact on your unborn baby.


Women who have poorly controlled diabetes usually have high blood sugar levels that offer an ideal environment for thrush to develop and thrive. Therefore you must try to maintain your blood glucose level through exercise and diet to reduce the thrush symptoms.

High sugar and yeast diet

A thrush infection can get worse if you eat a lot of sugar. Take simple bread for instance. One needs to add sugar to the bread mix to give the bread rising yeast something to thrive on. Candida is just like yeast. Higher the blood sugar level, higher the chances of thrust to develop in your body.

Irritation in the vaginal lining

Sexual intercourse is one of the prime reasons to cause vaginal irritation. This is especially when vagina has not been lubricated properly and Candida gets a chance to take hold. One can experience vaginal dryness in this case because there is not sufficient estrogen present to maintain the vaginal lining. If you feel that this is the reason for thrush to develop, always prefer to use a lubricant on regular basis. This is the only way to get rid of this problem.

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