Looking For A Natural Curative Remedy For Colds And Flu?

Common symptoms associated with colds and flu includes fever, coughs, nasal congestions, sore throats, aches and chills. Not getting any relief from these symptoms can make it very hard for someone to concentrate which slows down a person thus affects your productivity.

More people are turning to natural remedies to help in the relief of cold and flu symptoms. For example, you can visit Cottesloe Naturopathic Clinic to consult with doctors who have adopted the use of natural remedies in their treatments. And please see our main page on the treatment of colds, flus and viruses for more specific information on how we can help you.

There are alternative remedies which treat cold and flu symptoms. Some of the common natural active agents used include the use of onions, garlic chilli and chocolate. There are products that are used to treat and prevent colds and flu such as Finiflu that include these actives.

Colds And Flu


Onions possess what is known as Quercitin which is a powerful antioxidant. They are naturally antibiotic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Quercitin is an antihistamine that acts like vitamin C and it lowers inflammation and gives relief from allergies that may arise.



Garlic just like an onion is an antioxidant which contains antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. It provides decongestant and expectorant effects for colds and flu.


Sore throats are mostly known to precede a cold or flu. It can feel like your throat has pieces of crushed glass hanging around your throat. Chilli peppers are natural remedies for sore throats


Chocolate contains Theobromine, which is derived from cocoa and it is known to reduce the length and intensity of coughing. However, there are studies that suggest that dark chocolate is an antitussive agent that prevents coughing.

The above are just but a few of the natural actives used in today medicine but you can also apply them at home by including them in your daily diet. They are easily available and do not cost much. Make sure you also observe the following to help you get a quick recovery.


Make sure you drink up a lot to avoid dehydration. Take a lot of water and fresh fruit juice. You are advised to take a lot of hot or warm drinks especially herbal tea. When suffering from colds and flu you are not advised to take alcohol at all. Alcohol tends to make you feel drowsy and you get the same effect from flu also.

Take a lot of soup too and have it prepared with active agents like onion and garlic which will help in relieving symptoms of cold and flu. When you lean over to take a bowl of fresh hot soup the vapor gets up in your nose and can help with a congested nose.

Getting adequate rest

Getting enough rest is known to be one of the best remedies for colds and flu. Set time aside to just keep yourself warm and avoid cold drinks and foodstuffs. Stay indoors and avoid wearisome activities. Medication for colds and flu are known to cause drowsiness and in this condition, one is advised not to engage in activities that may endanger your life or others such as driving and operating heavy machinery.

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