Anxiety – Cameron

I saw Michael because I had battled with anxiety and problems with my thoughts and low moods for many years, which had developed into full-on panic attacks in recent months. I had trouble going to shopping centres, and driving on freeways was a major problem. Drugs would help to a point, but I always felt lousy on them. I was impressed that from the first consultation Michael wanted to hear about exactly what I was thinking and about my whole life history and about any physical problems.

He explained that the medicine must suit me, not just the label of “anxiety” and because of that the right homeopathic remedy would not only help in the short term, but could probably get it to be a manageable level, if not only resolve it for good in time. Well, he was right…. I was better in three days and after six months we decided to see how I would go on my own. It has been eighteen months now since I saw him. He has just rung me to see how I am and I am pleased to report I am still feeling fine. More than that…he fixed my hay-fever too, with the same remedy!

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