The Impact Of Weight On Your Fertility

Topics concerning weight are rather sensitive. As a matter of fact anything that concerns an individual’s appearance or health is a delicate matter. The problem is that this issue has to be addressed because weight has a very significant effect on a person’s general health and well-being. One of the most crucial effect of weight on any individual is the fact that it tampers with your fertility.

In short, it limits the chances of you siring or conceiving children. The body mass index is used to determine where an individual stands weight wise. You can be underweight, obese, overweight or extremely obese. Weight affects your health in many ways. Amongst others, it brings about heart disease and increases the likelihood of you contracting diabetes. Anything affecting your health will have an impact on your natural fertility.

At our Perth clinic, weight is a significant factor we consider when assessing and treating your fertility naturally. This may include diet and nutrition and naturopathic and homeopathic treatments to balance your reproductive hormones and to ensure proper metabolic function.

Here are the several effects of weight on your fertility.

Weight & Women’s Fertility

From a fertility perspective, it is mandatory that you maintain the recommended body mass index. This is because being either underweight or overweight can affect your chances of conception. Depending on a woman’s age, the ability of a woman to conceive a child is roughly fifteen percent each month. The only requirement is that she releases an egg through ovulation.

This process is very crucial for pregnancy to happen. Women who are underweight or overweight tend to not ovulate or their ovulation is not in a reliable or predictable manner. This often leads to an ovulatory dysfunction. When a woman is underweight she clearly does not get ample nutrition and they are usually prone to hypothalamic amenorrhea.

These conditions hamper females from ovulating on a predictable basis. It is proven that women whose cases of infertility are caused by weight, the rectification of the matter spikes the chances of getting pregnant by seventy percent. The recommended body mass index for women who are trying to conceive is between nineteen and twenty four.

It is therefore very essential that you get your weight in check not only for conception reasons, but also for the gestation period of your child. Women with weight problems tend to have miscarriages and gestational diabetes. These are among the various complications you can have if you don’t take care of your weight.

Weight & Men’s Fertility

In a similar way to females, men too can experience difficulties brought about by weight. As a man, being overweight can affect your sperm count and your sperm movement. An increase in weight can considerably affect the mobility of sperm. With the increase of male hormones due to a change in one’s body mass index, the result is usually negative as far as sperm production is concerned.

Weight usually alters the balance of testosterone and estrogen. This translates to problems in sperm production. Also, if a man is overweight, he may also encounter a problem through warmth affecting the scrotum. This is because of the mass covering the pubic area. Temperature denatures sperm, because they are protein in nature. Hence the production and survival of sperm are not guaranteed.

In short, both genders should strive to maintain healthy body mass indexes, this will mean easier conception and pregnancy without complications. If you are looking for specialists in the field of naturopathy in Perth, contact us and we can advise you further.

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