Treating Thrush Infection Naturally Can Keep It Contained!

People suffering from thrush infection should opt for natural treatments to permanently keep it contained, and for a good reason. Candida, the fungus that causes thrush, has mutated to become more resistant to drugs such as azoles that are commonly used to treat the contagion. This means that if the patient has had a recurrent infection, medications used, (in this case azoles), only treats the infection but not the cause. This in actual sense does not prevent the patient from having future infections.

Please see our main page on thrush and candida for a full analysis of how we can help you with this troublesome condition.

Before taking any kind of medications to treat thrush infection, it is recommended that you visit a thrush treatment clinic for a complete examination by a qualified physician just in case your infection is not caused by candida. This is because there are a number of other infections that can cause similar symptoms yet require different treatments. As such, you should always have a diagnosis before the use of any kind of medication to treat thrush. Here are some reasons why people are susceptible to thrush infection.
Cancer and chemotherapy
A weakened immune system.
Use of high dose of steroids
Excessive use of personal hygiene products on the vagina.
The use of wrong diet
Sex: Although candida is not a sexually transmitted infection, sexual activities can sometimes provoke an infection. Minor damages to the vagina that are caused by friction might cause candida to thrive.

Natural ways to treat thrush infection

It is recommended to avoid processed sugary foods, bread made with yeast, alcoholic drinks that contain sugar, mushrooms, trans-fatty acids, yeast extract spreads, died fruits, and the likes so as to naturally contain thrush. Vegetables, fish, fresh fruits (in small quantities), lean meat and whole grains are recommended where thrush infection treatment is concerned. Garlic also needs to be added to your daily dishes as it contains antifungal properties.

Natural yoghurt
Eating a portion of natural yoghurt on a daily basis is recommended as it strengthens the mucosal immune system by increasing the amount of good bacteria in the gut. For patients with an active infection, live yogurt can be smeared around the external genitalia to ease the itch and help treat the infection.

Sea sponge tampons
Get rid of thrush by soaking sea sponge tampons in tea tree oil or vinegar and then inserting them into the vagina. However, care should be taken as this treatment may be overly irritating if incorrectly administered.

Maintaining the right pH levels
The normal pH for vagina is between 3.5 and 4.5, which is acidic. Acid kills infections such as thrush, meaning that if you do not have enough, this can cause issues. The best way to find out your pH level is to take vaginal swabs. Ask your doctor to test your pH or do it yourself by buying the right test kits either online or off line. Add some white vinegar, (2 tablespoons per pint of water), to increase acidity.

As you can see, there are many natural ways to threat thrush infections. You can also make sure that you avoid too much soap usage as this can alter vaginal pH levels and cause thrush. For more information, talk to a thrush treatment specialist today and get pertinent information about combating thrush.

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